5 Ways to Give your Coffee Grounds a Second Life

Author: Ruby Smail 

Published: Friday 26th August, 2022

We all know coffee for being the delicious beverage we consume each morning. But what if we told you, coffee provides more than just a morning jolt.  

Turns out left over coffee grounds is the gift that keeps on giving, so just for you we have compiled 5 easy ways to give your coffee grounds a second life. ☕️

Make a Body Scrub! 

Sure, it ain’t pretty being covered in coffee grounds from head to toe, but trust us it will be worth it! Simply mix coffee grounds with coconut oil or water and get scrubbing, before you know it exfoliating with coffee grounds will become apart of your daily routine, and your best friend when it comes to achieving smooth, glowing skin. Not only are the coffee grounds nice and course helping you remove all those nasty dead skin cells, they are packed filled with antioxidants that have been known to help prevent ageing! A win win if you ask us! 🫧


Make a Candle

Do you love the smell of coffee? Well, we have some good news for you. Fill your house with the aroma of fresh coffee by making a candle from your coffee grounds. With the heat from the candle burning, the grounds then become exposed and proceed to release those beautiful coffee aromas we all know and love. Another bonus, not only will the coffee grounds smell amazing, they will also look awesome layered within your candle! 🕯


Fertilise your Garden

This one is for all you green thumbs out there! It’s time to meet your new gardening friend. Yes the title is correct, coffee grounds are perfect for fertilising your garden. They are pack filled with lots of goodies like nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium, which will help your plants grow all big and strong, Jack and the Bean Stork style! 🌱

The coffee grounds will also do the trick in attracting worms which are great for your garden too! To put it to the test simply spread your coffee grounds into the soil surrounding your plants and let the grounds do the rest of the work! 😍

Repel Pests 

I think we would all say it’s quite easy to assume everyone is coffees number one fan, but turns out that’s not quite the case. Not to worry though we don’t need to start a debate with anyone on why coffee rules, this coffee hater is actually pests! (phew) Turns out a large amount of bugs are not a fan of the strong acids and aromas that are present in coffee grounds, so how can we take advantage of this? 🐜

To prevent your kitchen from turning into the new movie set of ‘A Bugs Life.’ Spread a thick 1-2 inch line around the areas that are at risk. Continue to top up with fresh coffee grounds every two to three weeks. Bugs can not only be a hassle to deal with indoors but also out. If you want to prevent slugs and snails from getting into your veggie patch, spread some grounds around the areas you want them to avoid and voila! 

Neutralise Odours

Been struggling to get rid of that stubborn smell in your fridge or freezer? Well coffee grounds could just do the trick…wow they really are on a roll here!

Coffee grounds are known for absorbing the different odours that surrounds them. They contain nitrogen, which is your trusty friend when it comes to removing any nasty smells when combined with carbon. So let’s use this to our advantage shall we! Place some of your dried coffee grounds into a container, and then place them into your fridge or freezer easy as that! 😍

Opening your Coffee Pods 

So now that you know all the amazing ways you can reuse your coffee grounds. We are here to tell you what the best method is to break open your coffee pods…!

Don’t worry no heavy-duty machinery is involved. Just simply use the back of a teaspoon and press down on the seal until it breaks open. From there simply scoop out the coffee grounds and you’re on your way! 🌱

So have we proven to you that coffee truly is the magic bean yet? From fertilising your garden to enhancing your beauty routine there’s really no stopping it, and would you believe us if we told you it doesn’t just stop there.

There are many more creative ways you can reuse your coffee grounds but we want to know, do you know another idea or have tried any we have listed above? Reach out and let us know at hello@coffeegods.com.au. We would love to hear and share your experiences with our community! ❤️ 😍

So what are you waiting for? Get grinding! ☕️

Author: Ruby Smail 

Published: Friday 26th August, 2022