Who are we?

We are people who love great coffee, it gets us through the day. We are also super busy, with lots on and lots to do. For us life is about fun, adventure, curiosity and excitement. We want all the good stuff in the easiest possible way which is why we created Coffee Gods. Whether its at home or in the office Coffee Gods pods will give you a barista made coffee without all the effort. 

We are an Adelaide owned and operated family business. Our aim is to source Australian owned and environmentally friendly products. We enjoy working together as a team to create the best coffee pods saving to give you time and effort of making your own or spending a fortunate on a daily coffee on the run.

We believe one of life's treats is the smell of freshly brewed coffee. We roast our own beans guaranteeing our coffee pods contains the best boutique, speciality roasted coffee. We choose the best beans from a range of different regions and blend them to make delicious, easy to drink coffees. We have lots of fun roasting and creating new blends to arouse the senses and give you that much needed zip to get you through the day.

Each of our coffee blends has a personality just like we do. Whether its the strong and silent time or a cuddly puppy we are all unique and individual and so are the coffees we liked. Starting with the Greek gods we have given each of our coffees a modern day personality based on which Greek god they are most like. We have had lots of fun deciding which god is which and who we are all most like.